While preparing the page setup, there must be 2,5 cm margin from top, right, left and right sides.

Each paragraph including abstracts should be given 2 cm-distances from the left side.

The main title should be set to 14 font size Times New Roman with bold form.

Authors’ affiliation (if any), name, institution and major should be written THREE spaces after the main title and it should be centred on the paper.





Professor ……….., ……… University, ……. Department,



You are supposed to provide both Turkish and English abstracts, which will be written after 2 spaces from author information, in Times New Roman and each one should not exceed 300-word after the main title. If your presentation is in English, you should firstly provide an English abstract and then Turkish one.

Introduction also should be written in 12 font size Times New Roman.

Sub-titles in texts should be set to 12 font size in Times New Roman with bold form. The text must be written in Times New Roman; font size 12; justified; single line spacing. Single column should be preferred for the text.

Full text should be written among 4000 and 8000 words.

Harvard Referencing Style should be followed when referencing in text and bibliography part.

Bibliography should be set to 12 font size Times New Roman.



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