1. Philosophical Roots of Hegemonic Discourse

Perception of Civilization and Science

Methodology Debates in the Sciences

Value Perceptions


Understandings on Being and Universe


2. Hegemonic Discourse and History


Nation-State and Modernity

Orientalism and Hegemony of Discourse

Colonialism and Hegemony of Discourse


3.Hegemonic Discourse and Society

Islamophobia of Phobia towards Muslims?

The Reflection of Islamic Pluralism on Concepts

Islam as a Social Fact and Life Style

Perception of Islam and Discourse of Inability

Muslim Population in Europe and Perception of Islam

Perception of Islam in Muslim Societies

Islam and Women in Hegemonic Discourse

Terror, Violence and “Islamisation of Horror”


4.Hegemonic Discourse and Media

Hate Speech in Written and Visual Media and Perception of Islam

Perception of Islam in Movies and Series

Symbolic Violence towards Islam

Reproduction of Reality in Media


5.Hegemony and Politics

Political Islam

Islamophobia as a Style in Politics

Nationalism, Racism and Nation-State

Amendments Against Islam


6.Hegemonic Discourse and Religious Literature

Hegemonic Interpretations  of Religious Concepts

Islamisation of Knowledge

“Moderated” Islam

Islamic Concepts Instead of Conformism


7.Hegemonic Discourse and Economics

Economics Discourse Independent from Values

Methodological Hegemony of Orthodox Economics

Economy and Imperialism

Alternative Economics Discourses Against Orthodox Hegemony


8. Hegemonic Discourse and Literature

Violence in Literary Works

Religion and Faith in Literary Works

The Concept of Nationalism in Literary Works

Perceptions of Nation and State in Literary Works

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